Water Damage Insurance Coverage

Professional Insurance Support
We work together with your insurance company to provide you with thorough service no matter what size the job. Our many years of experience working with insurance companies and handling insurance claims allow us to make the claim process simple for you. Our service can prevent you from missing important details, help you to sensibly discuss the situation with your insurance adjuster, and allow you to better understand the terms of your policy. Additionally, we work with you through your entire insurance claim to help you get all your benefits.

Trusted by the Insurance industry
With 10 plus years of experience working directly with insurance adjusters and agents, we understand the insurance claims process from start to finish, taking the stress off you and making the whole process easier to comprehend. Placing a property claim can be a time-consuming task. Let us make the process easy for you. We’ll work very closely with your insurance adjuster. We excel in dealing with insurance adjusters and in making sure there are no surprises. We thoroughly document the job, so we can send your insurance adjuster photos, dry logs, and any other documentation they may need to restore your home. Our main priority is helping you, the customer, but we also work to keep the insurance happy with what we are doing.

All insurance accepted
We have earned a reputation for attention to detail with major insurance carriers. Let us review your insurance policy and work with your insurance company to help you sort through the paperwork. We offer direct billing to your insurance company and because of our reputation in the industry, we’re a respected restoration provider for many insurances companies.