Water Damage Reconstrruction

Reconstruction Services

Our restoration services are a way that we can turn your disaster into something positive for your home and your family. Your home can be so many things to you and your family. It gives so much more than a roof over your head and a place to sleep, it acts as a paradise from the demands of everyday life and in other ways your home reflects the characteristics and lifestyle of your family. As a family company, we understand what a home means and would gladly help bring back your home from a disaster.

Throughout the years our water mitigation department has worked with many reliable people while doing water damage disaster relief, mold remediation and working on different construction sites. We have built a network of trusted industry experts to complement our water damage department and repair services to help make the restoration process as smooth as possible to give you a peace of mind after going through a rough disaster in your home.

Our partners have vast experience in reconstruction of residential and commercial properties and use skilled, certified technicians in every part of their trades. Most importantly, they encourage the same strict standards as we do for our customer service. They have good attention to detail, compassion, dedication and respect. Together our partners and we will always put your best interests first and provide quality water damage clean up and reconstruction services you deserve.

Insurance Points
In the case of a loss to your home, your insurance claim money plays an important role in your ability to restore your home. Insurance companies will not typically cover the costs to upgrade materials or improve your home, they pay to restore your home to its previous condition or another term “pre-loss condition,” and at times that can be difficult, because they fight to keep their costs down as much as possible. Therefore, having us help you is very beneficial.

We fight hard to get you the amount you deserve in your insurance claim. We want to make sure what was damaged is being replaced.

Our process includes creating a detailed scope of your unsalvageable contents to present all the information with descriptive notes to the insurance company.

We also perform thorough inspections of the damaged contents so that every aspect of the damage is recorded and claimed. To restore what was there before.

You would think that this process is standard throughout all disaster relief companies, but unfortunately that is not the case. Many of the franchise disaster clean up companies in Illinois are “preferred vendors” with insurance companies. That means along with working for you and your clean up, they are also working with the insurance company to keep their connection with the company that gives them referrals. While insurance companies like to keep their costs down, means you can’t always trust these “preferred vendors” to act in your best interest.

We do not work for insurance companies, we work for you only. Although insurance companies rarely approve everything, it is much harder for them to dispute the claim when all the facts are presented before them. Our team also has years of experience in dealing with the push and pull between insurance companies. Here you have a team of experts all fighting to get you the most for your insurance claim.

Our teams of restoration experts can help you get your home back together effectively turning your disaster into a fresh start. Our mitigation department and affiliates have years of experience making this process as simple as possible for you. Call Us at (331) 205-9354